Mission Santa Clara De Asis

Geography and Architecture

Geography and Achitecture were two important aspects of the missions.  The region of my mission, Santa Clara De Asis, is in central California, forty miles south east of San Francisco near a stream. This area was known for its orchards, farms, and ranches. Beautiful willow trees adorned the central avenue of the town.  The materials that were used to build my mission were logs, cornerstone, redwood slabs, cactus juice for paint, natural minerals for the paintings, and mud for the pottery. The layout of my mission is in a rectangular shape, with a courtyard in the center, a cemitary, statues, native quarters, soilders' barracks, livestock, a church, priest's quarters, a garden, patio, workshop, vineyard, and the bell tower. The buildings were unique because they had arched walls for the church and had unique staues throughout the mission. The church was made of adobe bricks and was 100ft long, 44ft wide, and 25ft high, the walls were wider at the bottom. My favorite part of the mission is the church because it was very beautiful and unique with its colorful paintings done by the American Indians.