Mission Santa Clara De Asis

People and Daily Life

 This paragraph is about people who lived at the mission and their daily life. The people who lived at the missions were, Californian Indians, Spanish priest, and the Spanish soldados. Their jobs, (Californian Indians), included farmwork , building, making soap, candles, cooking, sewing, and gardening. The Spanish priest taught religon, the Spanish language, farming technique and the Spanish culture. The Spanish soldados protected the mission, the pueblos, and the presidios. The daily life for the American Indians living at the missions was very strange and hard for them to understand these strick mission rules. At sunrise, a bell rang to signal that church services were starting. The native Americans and Catholic priest (fransicans, missionaries) attended mass. After church, the adults (C.A. Indians went to work) plowing fields, raising livestock, making bricks, pottery, olive oil, leathered goods, and many more. The children went to school to learn the Spanish language and the Catholic religon. The natural resources within the region helped provide food and many more things. They had fields of peaches, pears, figs, grapes, and grains. The C.A. Indians adjusted to the mission living by learning the trades of the Spanish. The people at the mission and their daily life was tough because the soliders treated them as slaves.